Southern Illinois is a particular place when it comes to new residential construction. While small changes are being made in some areas, minimal to no inspection processes exist for the review or inspection of new residential construction throughout the majority of the area. A Second Look Three Phase New Construction Inspection follows the ASHI Standards of Inspection as well as compliance with basic building practices and standards, particularly in areas that do not have local code standards of departments to assess the property.

These inspections are generally co-ordinated with the owner and/or general contractor for scheduling and review of the project.

Our process involves three visits and reports of the project.

Rough-in: Particular attention is paid to site placement and drainage, foundation and framing, roofing, initial mechanical layouts and design, sheathing and exterior moisture management and items that are visible prior to enclosure which may be improperly installed or designed.

Pre-Drywall: All major structural and mechanical components should be in their final layout phase. Mechanical systems are generally fully laid out, exterior cladding, windows and doors completed as well as major framing, basic grading and drainage, and most systems and components in their final phase of completion.

Completed Project: A final inspection is made of the completed structural and mechanical components. All systems should operate under normal controls. Interior and exterior finishes, walkways, gutters, appliance installations, with any and all expectations for a completed project will be reviewed and inspected.

By scheduling visits and reports throughout the building process, and needed corrections or defects may be addressed in a timely fashion avoiding potentially expensive repairs or modifications after the home is completed.

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