Home buying and selling is an exciting and stressful time!
Here are a few recommendations to prepare your house for your home inspection.

  • The majority of inspections are arranged through your Realtor. Second Look contacts the Buyers agent who informs the listing agent of the date and time of the Home Inspection. It is the responsibility of the listing agent to inform the home owner of the date and time of the inspection and to provide the inspector a means of entry ie. Lock Box code, key location etc. If a Realtor is not involved Second Look contacts the homeowner or their representative directly to gain access to the property.
  • A typical inspection runs 2-3 hours of inspection time (inspector only) and usually 1 hour with the client (and their Realtor) onsite to walk the property and review any items that may be of concern. This time varies by property size and complexity.
  • All utilities should be on and functional. Second Look does not operate service valves, turn on electrical breakers that are off, or de-winterize properties. This is particularly important in properties that have been vacant.
  • If possible, pets should be removed from the property or restricted to allow access to all areas.
  • The inspector will need unrestricted access to crawl space and attic areas of the house using their own ladder and common tools, ie screwdriver. Attic scuttles in closets should be clear with personal items removed. Drop down attic stairs should be unrestricted. Crawl space access panels should also be unrestricted and easily removable.
  • Electrical panels, furnaces, water heaters and other mechanical systems should be fully accessible as cover plates are typically removed for inspection.
  • Lack of access to common areas and components may result in a partial inspection and require re-inspection, resulting in additional time for a complete report to be produced for the property.
  • Understand that the inspector can only share the results of the home inspection with their client or representative. Serious immediate health or safety concerns may be shared with the homeowner or their representative.
  • It is generally recommended that inspector be allowed to inspect the property without the homeowner present. So that they may concentrate on the property. This is also found to be much less stressful for the homeowner!
  • All components are left as found. ie. thermostat temperatures, access covers, locks, etc. unless specifically instructed otherwise.
  • The inspector is fully insured and licensed.

We hope these recommendations help smooth the inspection process and give you some insight into what will occur during the home inspection. The client report is not delivered on site at time of inspection. The written report is generally delivered to the client within 48 hours after the inspection is performed.